These limited-edition Sonos speaker stands cost more than the actual speakers

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Sonos speakers have been designed to look and perform well when sitting on a table or countertop, but there will be times when a room simply lacks the right furniture, or you just want your speakers at a different height or angle.

To solve this problem, Sonos has partnered with American designer Floyd to create bespoke speaker stands for two of Sonos’ most popular speakers, the Sonos One (and One SL) and the Sonos Five. Made from heavy-duty steel, these accessories don’t come cheap; the One Stand starts at $249, which is more expensive than the $219 Sonos One it’s designed to support.

The One Stand, which is available in powder-coated black or blue color options — or stainless steel for an additional $100 — stands 52 inches tall once assembled. Its base is a tripod, which Sonos says provides maximum stability. To suspend a Sonos One from its vertical tube, you use the included speaker clamps. These are actually the same holders that Sonos uses for its own Sonos One wall mount, but without the portion that attaches to the wall.

Your Sonos One can be positioned anywhere along the upright rod, but it’s not meant to be frequently adjusted — the clamp that holds the speaker to the stand must be tightened with a hex set screw. You’ll also need to keep the stand positioned fairly close to a power outlet. A Sonos One comes with a power cord that is about 76 inches long, so if you position the speaker at the stand’s maximum height, you’ll only be left with about two feet of cable.

Speaking of the power cable, Floyd’s minimalist design doesn’t include any kind of internal routing for the power cord or accessory clips to keep the cord cleanly aligned with the vertical rod, which probably explains why the provided product photos show the cords wrapped in a spiral.

The Five Stand is slightly more affordable. It comes in black or blue for $199, while the stainless steel version is $299. You can use it to keep your Sonos Five low to the ground and angled slightly upward, and it works for both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Both Floyd-designed speaker stands are available in limited quantities from starting October 14.

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