How One Vogue Editor Slipped Around Paris Fashion Week in Pajamas

Category: Fashion

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I couldn’t possibly check a suitcase on my way to Paris Fashion Week. When daring to leave my biodome home, I want edited options, I want ease, I want the lightest Paravel carry-on bag filled with luxurious silk and mesh staples that roll up teeny tiny. I want just two pairs of shoes that I can walk everywhere in; I want to recycle the same pieces again and again. I want to speed up morning decisions when I’ve sunk into a Jell-O mold of jet lag.

Arriving in the City of Light on Tuesday morning felt like a dream, and I kept just twirling in circles, saying “so much beauty!” and testing my French with “très bien!” I realize now that the only cars I needed the entire time were to and from the airport—even in the windy rain—thanks to layers that kept me spry and Anthony Turner’s Rokh runway hair advice of “if I think about it too much, it becomes too perfect.”

Photos: Cody Andrews

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