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4K Ultra HD TVs are Getting Cheaper

Most consumers are familiar with HDTVs because of their wide availability. Now, a newer technology is beginning to take their place in the market. 4K Ultra HD TVs are said to provide pictures that are clearer and more life-like than ever before, and they’re becoming more cost-effective, too. Image via Flickr/Pictures of Money Continue to […]

How to Choose the Right TV at the Right Price

Television technology has changed wildly over the past few years, meaning it isn’t necessarily easy to sort through all the options on the market. If you’re feeling confused, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Check out this guide to finding the perfect TV for you, at the perfect price point, too. Image via Flickr/go […]

10 Things to Look for Before You Purchase a Smart TV – Besides Price

Sure, you want to get a great deal on your next television, but shopping by price only could lead you to an unreliable or poorly performing option. Make a educated decision on your smart TV purchase by learning the ten factors that should impact your decision that are unrelated to the price tag. Image via […]

Six Realistic Strategies for Paying Off Debt

Debt can easily get out of control, and it can feel completely overwhelming and stressful. If you’re struggling, though, don’t give up on debt-free living. Check out these realistic strategies that anyone can use to begin paying down debt today. Image via Flickr/GotCredit Continue to original source.

These Money Saving Challenges Will Keep You Motivated

Everyone wants to save more money, right? It’s important to have an emergency fund and to save for big purchases, but it can be difficult to stay motivated. Check out these money saving challenges to keep your financial goals on track. Image via Flickr/ Continue to original source.

Sneaky Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars

If you’re on a fixed income or your budget feels otherwise strained, it can seem next to impossible to put anything into savings. However, there are lots of small ways to save that can add up to big bucks. Check out these 27 sneaky tricks to begin saving money today. Image via Flickr/401(k)2012 Continue to […]