Acer’s Nitro XV2 is the fastest 1440p gaming display we’ve ever seen

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Acer is gearing up to release a new monitor, and it seems like this one might make its way on to every list of the best gaming monitors out there. Part of the successful Acer Nitro line, the new XV272U KF offers something that many other displays do not — a lightning-fast refresh rate combined with a 1440p resolution. It’s 300Hz, to be specific — and that’s not something we’ve seen before.

The trick? It’s really not cheap.

A 300Hz refresh rate is, in itself, a very fast screen. Some monitors or laptops go up to 360Hz, but the difference between the two is pretty minimal, and both are quicker than what the human eye can really perceive. A 300Hz display is perfect for gaming, be it RPGs or first-person shooters. On top of the high refresh rates, the screen has a 0.5-millisecond response time.

While 300Hz is certainly nice in a gaming monitor, what sets the new Acer apart from the crowd is the fact that it is a WQHD monitor — meaning a resolution of 2550 x 1440. Currently, 1440p gaming lands on screens with anywhere between a 60Hz and 240Hz screen refresh rate. Gamers with a fondness for lightning-fast screens usually have had to settle for 1080p. Combining the two features in the new Acer Nitro XV2 is a bold move that will make the monitor interesting to many, regardless of one’s gaming preferences.

Acer’s latest release will feature a 27-inch screen with an IPS panel. It’s also going to be HDR 600-certified, meaning that the native brightness of its IPS panel should be enhanced by the high dynamic range. Being rated HDR 600 is a good sign for this monitor, promising deep contrasts, high brightness, and good color reproduction. Considering that all of these traits are typical in IPS displays, Acer has the potential to be a visual treat.

The Nitro XV2 is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium, but it lacks Nvidia’s G-Sync. Fortunately, this is not a huge deal, as owners of Nvidia graphics cards can also use FreeSync. Installing the monitor gives you access to Acer’s trademark software, such as the Display Widget that helps with color adjustment. Another perk is the Acer Vision Care 3.0 software, which is an app that adjusts the monitor’s brightness based on the environment.

Like the majority of the Nitro line, this display has very thin bezels and a simple, straightforward design. It comes with an adjustable stand, although Acer hasn’t disclosed whether it can tilt or pivot.

Although Acer’s Nitro line is usually fairly affordable, including the Acer Nitro 272U, this monitor climbs up to the high-end gaming display range. Acer announced that it will be priced at $1,099, which is a lot higher than some of Acer’s other monitors.

No official release date has been announced just yet, but it has been confirmed that the new Acer Nitro XV272U KF will be released in November this year in North America.

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